The Life of Trees
(or: Still Another Phylogeny Program)



This program prints part of SAPP's internal SNP Reference Tree as a PNG image. Enter a SNP below and if it is found in the database, SAPP will reproduce the Y-SNP tree starting with that SNP and including all downstream public SNPs that have been entered to date.

SNP Reference Tree

SAPP Program Input


NOTE: SAPP uses its internal Y-SNP tree to distinguish incompatible SNPs when SNP results are entered. This tree is intended to represent the major consistent public SNPs discovered by citizen-scientists and may not be identical to other Y-SNPs trees such as the ones published by Family Tree DNA, YFull, or other sites.


As of this date, SAPP includes subtrees under M343 (R1b), M253 (I), M223 (I), M35 (E), and M172 (J). If you wish to load other parts of the Y-SNP tree please contact me (see About Me).


To use, enter the SNP name only (ex: L21, Z319. NOT "R-L21" etc). You can also enter the following (but not mixed together):

SNP1 ONLY SNP2 to draw only the branch from SNP1 to SNP2, and then all SNPs from SNP2 to present day.

SNP1 FLAG SNP2 SNP3 SNP4... to draw the SNP tree under SNP1, and highlight the other SNPs listed in yellow.

SNP1 LIMIT n to draw the SNP tree under SNP1 but stop all branches after 'n' SNPs.