The Life of Trees
(or: Still Another Phylogeny Program)



This program prints part of SAPP's internal SNP Reference Tree as a PNG image. Enter a SNP below and if it is found in the database, SAPP will reproduce the Y-SNP tree starting with that SNP and including all downstream public SNPs that have been entered to date.

SNP Reference Tree

SAPP Program Input


NOTE: SAPP uses its internal Y-SNP tree to distinguish incompatible SNPs when SNP results are entered. This tree is intended to represent the major consistent public SNPs discovered by citizen-scientists and may not be identical to other Y-SNPs trees such as the ones published by Family Tree DNA, YFull, or other sites.


As of this date, SAPP includes the L21, L2, and U106 Y-SNP Treea. If you wish to load other parts of the Y-SNP tree please contact me (see About Me).